Here Are 6 Kickstarter Projects That Need To Happen Now

3D-printed pizza, a Smiths reunion, Hogwarts — get on it, folks.

One billion dollars (Dr. Evil voice) has been pledged to Kickstarter since the crowdfunding site launched in April 2009.

That's a lot of albums, books, documentaries and weird-ass gadgets. Still, there's a smattering of other projects we'd like to see hit the site before it hits the 2 billion mark.

Check out our picks below — and make sure to add your own suggestions in the comments.

A "Freaks And Geeks" Reunion

Seth Rogen already said that he would be down with a "Freaks And Geeks" reunion — even if series creator Paul Feig thinks it's a bad idea.

"My brain goes almost kind of blank when I go, 'OK, what would it be?'" Feig told the Los Angeles Times. "It's just fear. Plain and simple fear. Too many pitfalls. Never say never. I love them all. But we're probably best served leaving the past behind."

Well, you know what Franklin D. Roosevelt said about fear, Feig: It's nothing that can't be dissipated by a quippy Kickstarter video and some clever reward options.

"Back To The Future" Hoverboard

Mattel tried to make this dream a reality and it was just the worst — mostly because the board didn't really hover.

Since we're primed to get those power lace MAG sneakers from "Back To The Future II" in 2015, I think it's high time we take another crack at creating at the flying skateboard we all so desperately require.

If you kick it, it will come.

A Smiths Reunion

The other day, Morrissey opined to Billboard: "I don't know a single person who wants a Smiths reunion!"

Well, obviously, Moz, you don't know any of us — at least not personally. (Let's get coffee sometime.)

Maybe if we all promise to go vegan in addition to dishing out the cash Morrissey will hear our plea. How soon is now, Moz? How soon is now?

A 3D Pizza Printer

Some dude recently got a $125,000 grant from NASA to create a 3D food printer. I'm pretty sure we could raise twice that on Kickstarter if the word "pizza" was involved.

Maybe the Pizza Underground could provide a theme song?

A 24-Hour Cat Channel

Christmas was rendered tons more holly and jolly last year with the addition of "Christmas Cats TV," a website that streamed 8 hours per day of feline goodness.

However, after the holiday season ended, the ensuing depression that was left behind in the wake of all that gorging and merrymaking was made that much deeper by the lack of those gamboling cats. They continue to gambol in our dreams, sure, but when we wake up... Emptiness.

The only remedy for the hole in our hearts is, of course, more cats. Cats sunning themselves. Cats lapping at water. Cats stretching like majestic gymnasts. Cats sleeping all the live long day.

I would totally shell out the bucks to give those kittens another nine lives.


I mean, isn't it just time for this to happen already? For real?

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