Who Heckled JLaw And Other Burning Oscars Questions Answered

We find out if Ellen's epic selfie and pizza party were pre-planned.

Things happen at the Oscars. Not like they happen at the Golden Globes, because, well, you can't drink during the Academy Awards. But things definitely go down. Some of them are predictable, like Matthew McConaughey saying "Alright, alright, alright"
 when he wins the Best Actor award, and some are truly unpredictable.

The 86th annual show left us with at least six burning questions about what really went down.

Who Was Heckling Jennifer Lawrence?

JLaw could take the mild monologue jokes from host Ellen DeGeneres about her tendency to go boom and fall down on Oscar night. But when she managed to make her way, trip-free, to the stage to read the nominees for Best Actor, something clearly distracted the "Hunger Games" star.

What was it? Well, according to reports, after making fun of her earlier, DeGeneres gingerly left the stage in a jokey way to make sure Lawrence stayed upright. The cast of the "Dallas Buyer's Club" apparently found this hilarious, with Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey laughing out loud, prompting Lawrence to ask in mock anger, "Why are you laughing? What, is this funny? I'm still watching you!?"

How Did No Big Winners Get Played Off?

We knew going in that every winner was going to have around 43 seconds to talk at the Oscars. But a weird thing happened to the show notorious for cutting people off mid-speech: almost none of the major winners heard the music, even when Leto and McConaughey went emotional and extra long (more than three minutes for Matt!) and the show was tipping toward 40 minutes of overtime.

Why? Co-producer Craig Zadan told Entertainment Weekly that he and his fellow show runners decided to let things go this year. "We knew as long as the speeches were emotional, we weren't going to do that," he said. "If they weren't good speeches, we would have played them off. But they were really good."

Was The Pizza Party Spontaneous?

We'd like to think DeGeneres was going off-script and really just wanted to get some pies for her celebrity pals on a whim.

According to TMZ the unnamed delivery dude got a ride from Oscar producers in a fancy SUV instead of the usual pizzamobile. Zadan said producers had a general idea of what DeGeneres was going to do with her audience bits, but they kind of let her do her thing.

Unfortunately, the pizza guy left before Ellen collected a couple hundred of bucks in tips for him.

Is There a '12 Years A Slave' Beef?

The cast and producers of "12 Years a Slave" had a lot to celebrate on Sunday night, but two of the biggest players weren't going to hug it out. As MTV News reported
 hours after the show, director Steve McQueen and writer John Ridley are in the midst of a screenplay credit dispute that might have tainted an otherwise celebratory night.

Was The Epic Ellen Selfie Pre-Booked?

Was it just coincidence that DeGeneres was able to wrangle Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong'o, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, and Kevin Spacey (but, sorry, not you Liza Minnelli) into the selfie that broke the Internet

Or was it just a planned bit?

"I thought it would crash," DeGeneres told E! after the show. "But I didn't know everyone would do it ... What's funny is that Lupita's brother is the most prominent. And then Jared came running over to be in it. And Angie got it in. I didn't expect all that."

Who is Adele Dazeem And Why Was John Travolta Introducing Her?

Forget the distracting tiny soul patch and raven sweep of lustrous hair, what we really want to know is just who was John Travolta talking about when he introduced the "wickedly talented" singer of the "Frozen" smash "Let It Go," Adele Dazeem in that strange accent?

Was it a busted TelePrompTer? A brain fart, or maybe Travolta's reported dyslexia? Either way, it gave the world at least two hilariously fake twitter account (including @adeladazeem, which has more than 12,000 followers). On the Adele Dazim account Zach Braff got in on the action with reports that Adele has already landed own Bravo reality show.