See Jennifer Lawrence Steal Lupita's Oscar And 14 Other Hilarious Oscar Photos

Photobombs were all the rage at the 86th Academy Awards, I guess.

Now that the 2014 Oscars have come and gone, we're looking back on the most hilarious photos of the night. And the night was filled with them.

There were photobombs and selfies and people just handing out some pizza. Check out our roundup of the best below.

What makes Brad Pitt a gentleman is that he hands out plates to others before he eat pizza.

But then he chows down.

It was a very big night for photobombs.

Then there was that one time Matthew McConaughey McConaugheyed all over the stage.

Ellen just missed her big "Wizard of Oz" moment.

Harrison Ford was a little confused.

So was Jennifer Lawrence.

Steve McQueen recorded the highest vertical jump of the night.

Backstage, JLaw wasn't handling the Best Supporting Actress loss too well, so she tried to take Lupita Nyong'o's statue.

But then it was kind of funny.

Lupita then wanted to get into the photobomb game.

And Jared Leto caught the bug.

Poor Leo.