'Fifty Shade Of Grey' Sequel: What's The Status?

Producer Dana Brunetti gives an update on the E.L. James novel's film adaptation.

A quick word of advice, not that you asked for it: Don't use the words "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "hands-on" in the same sentence unless you want to evoke some very specific images.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" producer Dana Brunetti did just that while speaking with MTV News on the 2014 Oscars red carpet, talking about what fans can anticipate about Universal and director Sam Taylor-Johnson's upcoming adaptation of the widely-worshipped E.L. James novel.

Brunetti was tight-lipped on details ("We just wrapped; we'll talk about it in a year from now," he said), but made it clear that fans can expect the saucy novel to experience a faithful translation to the big-screen.

"E.L. was there every day," he said of the author's participation in the movie. "She was very hands-on. To have the author there definitely makes it pretty faithful."

Based on the book phenomenon of the same name, "Fifty Shades" focuses on Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, a young college student who encounters and begins a passionate (and, ah, interesting, to put it mildly) relationship with the enigmatic Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan. The movie doesn't arrive until a little less than a year from now, but fans are already curious about possible sequels, given that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is just the first installment of a trilogy.

"I have no idea," Brunetti said about development on a possible "Fifty Shades" sequel. "I have no idea yet. We haven't even started discussing that yet. We just want to get this one wrapped and get it cut. We'll see the cut, see how it goes, and once it's released, we'll start discussing what happens next."

Until any such announcements, "Fifty Shades" fans can at least put a release date on their calendars: February 13, 2015.

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