Oscars In 57 Seconds: Everything You Need To Know

From awesome acceptance speeches to awesome pizza deliveries, here are the highlights of the 86th Academy Awards.

Another year, another Oscars ceremony in the books. Like the 85 ceremonies before it, this year's Academy Awards was filled with heartfelt optimism and hope, stunning upsets, memorable speeches, and a couple of large pizzas.

OK, that last part was new.

Here's everything you need to know about how the 2014 Oscars played out:

1. Ellen DeGeneres was awesome. Aside from a few miscalculations (the Liza Minnelli jabs were more MacFarlanian than she likely intended), DeGeneres took Hollywood to task with a more warmhearted approach than we saw from last year's boob-focused Oscar host. Plus, she brought pizza, and initiated the most retweeted tweet of all time. A win on all accounts.

2. The speeches were awesome. Jared Leto dedicated his "Dallas Buyers Club" win to AIDS victims around the world, while his co-star Matthew McConaughey dedicated his Best Actor win to... himself? It made sense if you were there. In her Best Supporting Actress speech, Lupita Nyong'o won over the entire world — a world that Best Actress winner Cate Blanchett happily pointed out as "round," in case you weren't aware.

3. The music was awesome. From Pink's soulful "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to the return of Pharrell's Grammys hat, to impromptu moments like Darlene Love singing her Best Documentary acceptance speech — all told, the musical performances were on-point.

4. John Travolta was awesome in spite of himself. "Adelle Dazeem"? Really, Travolta? On the bright side, "Battlefield Earth" is no longer the biggest blight on your career.

5. The almost four-hour run time was not awesome. Pizza is always a good thing, except when it causes the Oscars to run past midnight. Next year, Oscar brass, let's try harder to rein in some of the speeches and improv, shall we?

6. The wait until Oscars 2015 is awesome. Frankly, we could use the break. But something tells us we'll be itching for a return to awards season soon enough — and the funny thing about that is...

What did you make of the 2014 Oscars?

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