Proof It Was A Big Oscar Night For Jared Leto: Twitter And Instagram Tell All

Best Supporting Actor winner for 'Dallas Buyers Club' documents his very big night online.

There's no doubt that Jared Leto had a very good Oscar night, indeed.

The "Dallas Buyers Club" actor was the first award-winner to ascend Sunday night's stage, claiming the Best Supporting Actor honors for his moving performance as a transgender woman struggling with HIV. If you're wondering what the evening was like for the man with the gold statuette, we were keeping close tabs on Leto long before he arrived on the red carpet. Here are a few behind-the-scenes peeks from his big night out.

As of Sunday afternoon, there was no question about what Leto would be doing later.

Hours before he made his official pre-show appearance, the actor posed with his brother in this pic that gave us a sneak peek at his look for the evening: loose, flowing locks, a red bowtie and a cream-colored jacket over a white shirt.

Once on the red carpet, he didn't waste time, working his charms on a fellow Oscar nominee.

Jared Leto's Dreamiest, Winning-est, Pizza-est Oscar Photos

With the Best Supporting Actor award the first to be announced, it didn't take long for Jared Leto to become, forever and from now on, "Academy Award-Winning Actor Jared Leto." His social media accounts went quiet while he accepted his Oscar with a moving speech in which he thanked his mother and brother, and offered a shout-out to Venezuela and the Ukraine. However, his offer to pass little Oscar around for the orgiastic amusement of the press was

target=_"blank">well-documented by those present.

Still, even the Best Supporting Actor can't be in every photo, which is probably why only the upper-left quadrant of his face made it into the Selfie Heard 'Round the World.

And before diving headfirst into a champagne hot tub with Meryl Streep and Martin Scorsese (or whatever it is that Oscar-winners do after the show wraps), the actor made sure the Internet knew how really, truly thankful he was for the incredible honor, with a retweet of the complete text and video from his acceptance speech. He then disappeared in a puff of fame-scented smoke, with promises to celebrate his win all night long.