'True Detective' Clues From The 2014 Oscars [Infographic]

Plus, what's the secret connection between Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto?

How will we know how we feel about the 2014 Oscars if we don't quantify everything with infographics? Luckily, you'll never need to know the pain of a non-charted awards show with the help of our handy OscarGraphs:

Bet you didn't know that if you combined two Oscar winners, you'd get the winner for Best Song

Though "True Detective" was on the same time as the Oscars, it seems like the ceremony still figured out a way to include the show during its broadcast.

We're only an "E" "G" "O" and "T" away from completing our EGOT.

Okay, now we know how we're going to get that "O."

Eventually, all figures will be quantifiable by using the "Squibb."

You're saying it wrong. It's "Leto"

For plenty more Oscars facts, be sure to check out our comprehensive, bigger infographic.