Jennifer Lawrence's Scream And 6 Other Things You Didn't See At The Oscars

On the red carpet at this year's show, we got the inside scoop on what the celebs were really up to outside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES — Any red carpet that allows for Benedict Cumberbatch to photobomb U2 is alright by me. My Oscar night was a blast.

Don't get me wrong, you can enjoy the Academy Awards from every vantage point. Watch it from home and soak up every detail. If you're lucky enough to cover the red carpet like me it's a little bit different. You don't see everything, but what you do see and experience is pretty unique. It all goes by in a blur. Here are some moments still flashing through my brain.

1. There's no one we were more excited to see than Jennifer Lawrence who brings it each and every time. And by "it" I mean something crazy and awesome. It didn't take long this go round as she greeted me with some kind of Tarzan scream. Amazing.

2. The flash of sadness at seeing Pharrell was not wearing his crazy (awesome) hat gave way to relief that at least he had the good sense to wear shorts because, well someone had to and shorts probably suit him more than Martin Scorsese.

3. When Emma Watson came over for a chat, like any good big brother I, of course, chastised her for not being home studying (she's set to graduate from college in a few months). Emma apologized for not dancing this year, as her buddy Daniel Radcliffe did last year. Still, she was in great spirits thanks to just meeting the woman she says made her want to be an actress: Julia Roberts.

4. Lupita Nyong'o seemed ever so humble and calm as she navigated endless interviews on the carpet. I can't imagine how someone, after just her first film, has remained so poised.

5. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard might have delivered the funniest interview of the night. Why NOT bring an acceptance speech even if you haven't been nominated? I mean it's good to be ready just in case they explained.

6. As the carpet wound down, a few stragglers came super late. Let me just say that all latecomers should be as cool as Bill Murray and Lady Gaga though. Gaga sadly wasn't doing interviews, but did grant MTV a big provocative wink when she saw us.

7. As for Murray, after we recently anointed him MTV's wholly unofficial sexiest man alive award, he was in a good mood. He even confided to us that he had been approached about hosting the show years ago. Um, can we all petition for that offer to go out one more time. Murray in 2015! Who's with us?!?