Britney Spears Won't Let An Oscar Snub Get Her Down

'Work Bitch' singer and boyfriend David Lucado are all smiles at Elton John's Oscars viewing party on Sunday.

Everyone (me) agrees that Britney Spears looks totally ravishing in a new photo of her with boyfriend David Lucado arriving at Elton John's Oscar viewing party. The newly red hair, the glamorous black gown that perfectly complements her hot bod-eh — it's almost enough to make me forget about that vicious Best Original Song snub.

Apparently, the Spearitually uplifting lyrics of "Ooh La La," Britney's contribution to "The Smurfs 2," had no effect on the hearts of the Academy's voting body. (I mean, I'm assuming they have hearts, because, after this complete and utter scandal, #QUESTIONABLE.) Perhaps, there was some foul play, a la Lana Del Rey and "Young & Beautiful"?

But as much as I would've loved to see Britney accept what is TBQH rightfully hers tonight, at least I can take comfort in the fact that she's not going to let others' bad taste ruin her Oscar night.

And, like, there's still the Cannes Film Festival this May! OK, so they technically don't have a category celebrating flawless musical achievement in film, but, IDK, they could always surprise Britney with a Lifetime Achievement Award honoring her iconic star turn in 2002's "Crossroads." I mean, who doesn't wanna see her party in France? C'mon, Cannes! You better stan, bitch.

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