Jared Leto Is Just Psyched The Oscars Are Close To His House

'If I'm out of my mind and babbling, it's fine. I'm just happy to be here,' Leto says of his plans for an acceptance speech.

Jordan Catalano is an Oscar winner! Jared Leto nabbed the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance as Rayon, a transsexual AIDS sufferer in "Dallas Buyers Club."

Looking dapper in a white tux with red bow tie on MTV's Oscars 2014 Live Red Carpet, Leto "classed it up" with MTV's Josh Horowitz, explaining, "I'm really grateful. I'm here with my mom and my brother. I don't live too far from here, so it's kind of awesome to be so close to home and to be celebrating like this. So [I have] a lot of gratitude. A lot of excitement."

Leto's Supporting Actor speech included a poignant note about his mother, a high school dropout and single mom who always encouraged him to work towards his dreams of the arts. Along with honoring his family, he dedicated his award to "the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS."

Leto told Horowitz he wasn't worried about the pressure to perform onstage if he won (still only a possibility during their pre-show chat), explaining, "Nobody's perfect — you're gonna get up there and if you're lucky enough to get up there, you've got a great problem. You're gonna be so nervous, you're gonna try to remember all the right things to say, and to pay tribute to the people that really mean a lot to you. And it's all good stuff, so if it's imperfect, if I'm out of my mind and babbling, it's fine. I'm just happy to be here."

We think he nailed it in a personal, eloquent and touching speech. Now to see if his "Dallas Buyers Club" co-star Matthew McConaughey takes home top honors for Best Actor — he's the front-runner for the statuette!