Benedict Cumberbatch Totally Owned U2 With This Picture-Perfect Photobomb

Sherlock nearly jumped over U2 before the big show even started.

It seems like on any major red carpet these days, somebody has to be the jokester and photobomb Bono. Well, it's not always Bono, but that's what happened tonight at the Oscars. And Benedict Cumberbatch was the hilarious perpetrator.

There are a few things that need to be pointed out about this particular photobomb.

» Look at the height on that jump! How high is that even? Nine feet? Ten feet? Cumberbatch has leaps.

» Big props on the form, Cumberbatch! Notice the nice hand placement above U2. He makes sure he's seen and disruptive.

» That face. That beautiful, beautiful face.

» The Internet thinks this photo is real, so who are we to say otherwise? We truly, truly hope it is.

Well done, Benedict Cumberbatch. Oscar night is off to a good start because of you.