Kristen And Dax: There's 'Not Enough Nudity' In 'Veronica Mars' To Please Everyone

Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard hit the Oscars red carpet and talked Veronica Mars movie.

"Veronica Mars" will soon hit the big screen as a feature film, all but demanded (and at least partially paid for, thanks to the awesome power of Kickstarter) by the onetime teen sleuth's dedicated fanbase. But just how much can Mars'"marshmallows" expect to see of their beloved heroine in the new film?

Turns out, not nearly enough, at least if star Kristen Bell's comedian husband Dax Shepard is telling it straight.

Hollywood's favorite sloth-loving leading lady (and "Frozen" star) Bell hit the Oscars red carpet alongside the ever-amusing Shepard, and the dynamic duo were eager to chat with MTV's own Josh Horowitz about both the kid-friendly "Frozen" and the more adult charms of the upcoming "Veronica Mars" movie.

When asked about pleasing Mars' biggest fans, Bell sweetly shared, "Obviously, you hope to please each and every one of them," before her hubby burst in to declare, "There's not enough nudity to please everyone, to be honest, but it's almost." Bell had to concede, "That's a good point. It's a good point."

Still, Bell promised that fans will like the final product, nudity or not.

And though we'll soon see her headlining the much-hyped film, Bell is still very much like us, appearing to be appropriately star-struck after spotting other big names, especially Amy Adams and Steve McQueen.

"We're people-watching!" Bell laughed.

Bell and Shepard also professed a big love for Spike Jonze's nominated "Her" and for Bradley Cooper, with whom the couple said they are "physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually" involved, echoing the sentiments of so many other big-time "American Hustle" fans.

Still, Shepard has one lady he wants to see walk away with a little gold man: Bell herself, who laughed, "I'm not nominated." Despite that apparent flaw in the couple's master plan, Bell confided, "I'll tell you something, if they call it, I will go up and make a speech."