Jennifer Lawrence Addresses Hiatus Rumors: Watch The Interview

Lawrence talks hiatus, snacks on Oscars red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence isn't taking a year off, after all. When MTV News caught up with the star on the 2014 Oscars red carpet, she definitively stated that the rumors of her temporary retirement were just that.

"That's just Harvey [Weinstein] being an idiot," Lawrence said. "He's not being an idiot, I don't know. I would like to take a year off, that would be a dream."

That out of the way, Lawrence didn't disappoint on the food front. The famously red carpet hungry actress may not be chowing down on fries or hamburgers (yet), but she did have a stash of beef jerky hidden away somewhere in her gorgeous Oscars dress.

"I'm always so hungry that it over-rides the nervousness," Lawrence continued. "Every time I have to wear a freaking corset. This time I just have a Slim Jim and a protein bar, and I don't know... Maybe In n' Out later?"

Stay tuned for more from the Oscars as it breaks.