Are Pharrell's Formal Shorts Oscar-Worthy?

The Internet decides.

Pharrell's ginormous Mountie hat was one of the most talked-about looks out of the Grammys red carpet, and of the whole show itself. The oversized chapeau stole the show just over a month ago, and was auctioned off for charity for outrageous sums of money.

So how did Skateboard P decide to top his topper at the Oscars? He apparently took the maxim of "less is more" to heart and went minimalist on his pants. Or, to be more blunt about it: Dude wore shorts on the red carpet for the Academy Awards.

Bold choice, Pharrell!

Of course, the internet, being the internet, had its own opinions about the musician's ensemble. One thing is for certain, whether Pharrell takes home the statue for Best Original Song tonight (his track "Happy" is nominated for "Despicable Me 2") we don't feel like it's so short-sighted to declare that he's already won the social game.

Some, like user tipsy_writer, were baffled by the choice.

User Rion_Michelle was reminded of another memorable movie character.

Some wondered whether Pharrell forgot where he was headed today.

Some were all, yawn, we've been here before.

User Jessica Wilson was "Happy" to voice offense at Pharrell's fashoin choices.

Some viewers lost faith in Pharrell's sartorial judgement.

And, inevitably, the parody accounts are already here.