Anna Kendrick, Kristen Bell Get Ready For Oscars With Burritos And Eggos

See how the stars are getting ready for the big night with these Instagrams and tweets.

It is unclear what takes longer: for Johnny Depp to transform into the old man version of himself in “The Lone Ranger” (a feat that secured his makeup team an Oscar nomination) or for the average starlet to get ready for Sunday’s (March 2) 2014 Academy Awards, which start at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The pre-Oscar primping process has with actors preparing for their big moment before a worldwide audience. And thanks to the TMI-infused magic of social media, stars are giving us a glimpse at the process (somewhere, the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era are collectively rolling in their graves).

Anna Kendrick
For Anna Kendrick, she sent out a tweet that read, hilariously, “Pre-Oscars routine is mostly Eggos and Law & Order SVU. #glamour.”

Pharrell, who is nominated for Best Song (and whose new album drops at midnight on iTunes), posted a photo on Instagram of him getting a last-minute haircut.

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