Watch The Entire 2014 Oscars... In GIFs!

No cable? No problem. We're live-blogging all the highlights right here.

Follow along all night as we live-GIF the entire 2014 Academy Awards.

Ellen completely killed the opening monologue, ripping on Jennifer Lawrence's fall.

Jared Leto made everyone feel bad by loving his mother more than you love yours.

Pharrell and Lupita had the most amazing moment during his "Happy" performance. (Get it, girl!)

Jim Carrey brought back The Grinch.

Channing Tatum was beautiful. So Beautiful.

The most epic selfie ever.

And the second most-epic selfie ever.

Lupita FREAKED OUT over her win and gave the best acceptance speech of the night.

Ellen had pizza delivered to the Oscars... and Jared Leto totally copped a piece for Mom.

Pink received a standing ovation after her jaw-dropping rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

Ellen dressed up as Glinda. No further explanation needed here.

Oscars In Memoriam honored Paul Walker.

And Better Midler made her Oscars debut.

Idina Menzel gave everyone goosebumps with her "Let It Go" performance.

Ellen cashed out like a bandit. (Yes, that's Pharrell's hat.)

Cate Blanchett won Best Actress.

Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor.

"12 Years A Slave" won Best Picture.

Earlier in the evening, everyone stunned all over the red carpet. And Jennifer Lawrence was very Jennifer Lawrence.