Taylor Swift's New Bestie Is An Oscar Legend And 16 Other Things We Learned This Weekend

The pop star was just one of the celebs to hit the party circuit ahead of the Oscars on Sunday.

Over the weekend, there were a whole host of lavish parties and smaller awards ceremonies, which allowed for almost all of the nominated stars and creatives to strut their stuff one last time before the big Oscars show.

But you didn't have to be a nominee to get in on the action, which is why Taylor Swift made a new friend on Saturday night. She wasn't the only one. With the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and the Oscars only hours away, almost every big movie studio worth its salt have been having one last round of lavish parties, with all of the stars in attendance(since they're already in town).

Of course, when unreasonably attractive movie stars amass at a handful of centralized locations, there are usually photographers present. With that in mind, we wanted to run down 17 of the very best photos from these pre-Oscar parties, awards shows, and soirées.

1. At a Weinstein Company pre-Oscar party, Meryl Streep hung out with Taylor Swift. Also Jaime King was there.

2. We love this photo, mostly for Lupita's amazing pop art dress and Brad Pitt's weird hair. Also: Angelina is quite attractive, no?

3. Upside: handsome nominee Michael Fassbender attended the Fox Searchlight pre-Oscar party with his "12 Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen. Downside: his facial hair uncomfortably reminds us of his a-hole character from the movie.

4. "Nebraska" star Will Forte and Rosario Dawson, whose role in "Trance" was one of last year's most talked about (just look it up), presented at the Independent Spirit Awards. Hopefully Forte used the opportunity to talk Dawson into having a supporting role in "MacGruber 2."

5. You know what's better than Cate Blanchett showing up to the Independent Spirit Awards (where she, predictably, won)? Cate Blanchett showing up to the Independent Spirit Awards dressed like Paddington Bear.

6. Dax Shepard shows us the proper way to hold his wife Kristen Bell. Thanks for the tip, Dax!

7. The Reese Witherspoon Army is alive and well and standing outside the Independent Spirit Awards.

8. Jeremy Renner and Matthew McConaughey Play "Let's See Who Has The Shiniest Suit" backstage at the Independent Spirit Awards.

9. We get it Jared Leto, you're a rock star. Now please put on a tie.

10. Who cares if she's not nominated for anything? It's not Oscar season without an Anne Hathaway sighting (this time at a Chanel Charles pre-Oscar dinner, apparently held in the hedge maze from "The Shining").

11. While "The Butler" was uniformly ignored by the Academy this year, it's impossible to ignore how fierce Oprah was looking at the Weinstein Company party. Get it, girl.

12. Two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz quietly makes his way into the Weinstein Company party, hoping nobody asks him about his costarring role in "Muppets Most Wanted."

13. Every part of Dermot Mulroney glistens. This isn't an observation, by the way, it's scientific fact.

14. Sometimes photos of Josh Groban and Jason Alexander just speak for themselves.

15. ALERT: Designer Zac Posen has officially become the world's dandiest man, while on his way to the Weinstein Company party.

16. Director Richard Linklater and star Julie Delpy, who are nominated in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, arrive at the Sony Pictures Classics party. Do you think they showed up (pregnant pause) before midnight?

17. The only thing better than Cate Blanchett looking like Paddington Bear is Cate Blanchett dressed in a one-piece jumper.

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