Oscars 2014: 13 Celebrities Who Know How To Pre-Party

Vanity Fair and Fiat celebrate Young Hollywood at one of the most exclusive pre-Oscars parties.

You don't have to wait until Oscar night to get the party started. Pregame bashes took place around Hollywood Friday and Saturday night to get the Oscar spirit in the air.

Perhaps the most happening party was Vanity Fair and Fiat's celebration of "Young Hollywood," which took place Friday, February 28th.

1. Joe Jonas looking pretty dapper upon his arrival.

2. Kate Mara and Max Minghella proving that young Hollywood couples, can, in fact, last.

3. Maggie Grace and Kellan Lutz looking like long-time BFFs.

4. Nick Jonas acting like he just rolled up in that car.

5. Ashley Rickards looking far from awkward upon her arrival.

6. Jen Malone turning heads with some semi-midriff attire.

7. Kevin Jonas looking almost as dapper as Nick.

8. Adrian Grenier lighting up the floor with every step.

9. OK, who knew Anna Kendrick, Audrey Plaza and Zoe Kravitz were besties?

10. Kat Graham looking incredibly stunning.

11. Hopefully that car isn't turned on, Katheryn Winnick.

12. The Fashion Police would let you through, Kelly Osbourne.

13. Anna Kendrick is in for a ride.