2014 Oscar Celebrities: 17 Looks You've Never Seen Before

You don't have to wait for Sunday's red carpet to see these amazing celebrity pics

It's Oscar time, and when it comes to fashion, that usually means one thing: the red carpet. But there's so, so much more than that if you're a celeb during Oscar weekend: you have to step up your game before the show even starts.

Luckily for all of us, our favorite celebs don't disappoint. Get ready to see some of your favorite stars like you've never seen them before.

1. Lupita Nyong'o is everything, has worn everything

Lupita Nyong'o was the breakout star of "12 Years A Slave," but she also happens to be the breakout star of awards season, and is on a fashion tear the likes of which we've never seen. There is no color, no dress style, that Lupita can't dominate, and this "United Colors Of Lupita" picture confirms that.

2. We'll have a cappuccino, extra Joaquin Phoenix please

Plenty of people have claimed to see famous historical and religious figures in their food, but this one takes the (coffee) cake. And really, what good is your cappuccino if you can't stare into the soulful eyes of Theodore from "Her?" The answer: no good at all.

3. Six Degrees Of Jennifer Lawrence At The Oscars

Because we know you were wondering, here's how JLaw connects to every celebrity at this year's Oscars. Really, they might as well rename the Oscars "The Jennifer Lawrence Show."

4. Pharrell takes the Oscar stage ... for rehearsal

Even incredibly successful pop stars have to rehearse, and Pharrell is no different, taking his talents (and his hat) to the Oscar stage for his performance of the nominated song "Happy" from "Despicable Me 2."

5. Matthew McConaughey takes his dogs for a pre-Oscar walk

McConaughey shows he's just like the rest of us. No, not because he's walking his (adorable) dogs: because even he uses filters to glamorize his photos. Alright, alright, alright indeed. And to "True Detective" fans, there might be a clue here, so please spend hours combing through every inch of this photo.

6. Don't F--K With Me Leonard DiCaprio

Seriously guys. Don't. I think he's still angry he didn't fit on that wooden raft in "Titanic."

7. Joan Rivers' Cake Face

This is actually a photo from Joan Rivers' screen test for the Joker in "The Dark Knight," but Christopher Nolan thought it would be too terrifying to get a PG-13 rating.

8. Jared Leto's Miley Impersonation

Stick to your amazing movie performances, Jared. Miley's got the tongue market cornered.

9. Your first taste of Oscar host Ellen Degeneres

In case you forgot when the Oscars and Ellen's pre-show were. As a note, this infographic is only viable as of March 1st, 2014, or at least until the next time Ellen hosts.

10. Bette Midler: Head Oscar Maid

So that's how they keep the statues so clean! Learn something new every day.

11. Oscar Tries To Stay Dry

It's actually going to rain in LA this weekend, and Oscar's doing his best to stay out of it. We're sure if he gets a little too wet, Maid Midler will be able to dry him off.

12. John C. Reilly Tries to Look Cool, Oscar Photobombs

A reminder that Oscar has a good sense of humor, as he photobombs Oscar-winner John C. Reilly. Also, a reminder that John C. Reilly is, essentially, the man.

13. Lupita In The Rain

Lupita's like the mailman of looking amazing: Rain or sleet or snow, she always delivers.

14. Look At Jared Leto's Dope Shoe

He would've shown the right one, but he stepped on a piece of gum. Step up your game, Maid Midler!

15. Tommy Lee Jones' Awesome Facial Hair Is Awesome

Tommy Lee Jones' transformation into Colonel Sanders has reached its final stage.

16. Gravity Needed More George Clooney


We love you Sandra, but you know it's true.

17. You Can't Handle Shailene Woodley's Midriff

It looks like Shailene's character Tris isn't the only thing that's "Divergent." Get it? Like her top and her skirt.

OK, you think of a better pun.