Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! We Got You A Ton Of Useful Gifts

So, it may not be too easy to get Justin a paparazzi-free world, but we tried.

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! You’ve made it to 20, and we couldn’t be more excited.

If we could, we’d get you all the riches and luxuries in the world to end your teen years on Saturday (March 1). But we’re just peasant folk, Justin. We hope you understand.

Although we can’t afford to get you a nice gold chain or lap dances for days, we can still pretend, right? Here are some things we would gift you if we were magical.

1. Make The Paparazzi Disappear
Let’s go for the obvious first, Biebs. The paps are evil, conniving demons who never leave you alone. You’re human! You need privacy? With our new superhero powers, we’d blast them all away, so you can do regular-person things without a massive crowd of instigators around you.

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