'The Walking Dead': All The Biggest Moments On 'Still'

Deth fans, your episode has arrived.

After three weeks following our various survivors as they make their way through the post-prison world of "The Walking Dead," we get a full episode bereft of any major plot movements focused entirely on Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). It's easily the best episode all season, and possibly in the top five for the entire series.

Here are all the biggest moments on "Still:"

Enjoy Your Fanfic

Spoiler: at no point does eighteen year old Beth hook up with however many year old Daryl. But if you're looking for fanfic, not only do the two get drunk together (more on that in a bit), but also they get locked in a trunk of a car together, "Out of Sight" style. Never has a tense zombie attack scene been so fraught with sexual tension.

Yap, Yap, Yap

These guys won't shut up, right? Just kidding, because it's six minutes and 51 seconds into the episode before either character utters a word, and nine minutes and 16 seconds before Daryl says anything. And it totally works. The minimal dialogue and great acting kept us riveted, even when we did end up with both characters actually exchanging more than a word or two (which happens nearly halfway through the episode).

Beth Gets Her Drank On

Another thing that makes the episode work is the low/high stakes plot, which finds a fed-up Beth demanding Daryl get her a drink. "A real drink," since her (dearly departed) Dad never let her have alcohol. It's funny, weird, and ultimately extremely poignant, even if we'd kind of rather have peach Schnapps than moonshine Daryl found in a shed.

D.C. Spoon

In an episode nearly without any continuity, it was nice to see Beth pull out a commemorative spoon stamped with "Washington, D.C." on the surface. Though in the episode it's a symbol of a society long gone, frequent "Walking Dead" viewers also know it's the ultimate destination we may be heading towards, to possibly cure the zombie plague.

Rich Bitch And The Hanging Zombies

We get two memorable members of the dead this week: first Beth and Daryl encounter a room full of the undead who have hung themselves, still flailing in the air but unable to cut themselves down. And then we find a legit, non-walking corpse that's been cut in half, put on the legs of a mannequin and labeled "Rich Bitch." The first are cool and upsetting, the second is just sad.

Enjoy Your Fanfic, Part 2

After Daryl finally cheers up a bit, he brings Beth to a shack in the woods full of moonshine, and they play Never Have I Ever. Which once again is the fuel that Tumblr lives on. Instead of sexy times, though, we find out Daryl is a mean drunk trying to break from the memory of his father, and Beth is the only thing keeping him human. That leads to...

Daryl Cries

This broke us. Like, in half. Daryl starts sobbing because he thinks everyone else is dead and he could have stopped the events at the prison from happening. Beth hugs his back, and we all weeped deep, shiny redneck tears.

Daryl's Job, Revealed

The big reveal of what Daryl did pre-apocalypse? Nothing. "I was just drifting around with Merle," Daryl says to Beth finally. He was lost. And though Beth initially thinks that the apocalypse gave him purpose, it turns out it was the people, not the killing that made him human. With hours of television behind us exploring the idea of how you stay living in a world filled with the dead, this was the best explanation so far.

Burning Down The House

In a cathartic last shot, Beth and Daryl burn down the metaphorical representation of their parents by literally burning down a house. And flipping the bird at it. Oh, and they set the fire with money, in the most baller scene in the history of "Walking Dead." More Deth focused episodes, please.

What did you think of "Still?" What was your favorite moment?