Juicy J's Oscar Advice: 'Just Don't Be Drunk'

The Academy Award winning rapper gives his acceptance speech dos and don'ts for this Sunday's ceremony.

With only 45 seconds, many Academy Award recipients barely have enough time to spit out their thanks before getting the cue to wrap it up. So when MTV News caught up with Oscar winner Juicy J on the set of MTV2's "Charlamagne & Friends" we asked the Three 6 Mafia rapper if he had any advice on accepting such a prestigious honor in such a small increment of time.

"Just don't be drunk, you know, be sober the whole show. And if you win, or if you don't win or whatever, then get drunk after the show," he said. "That's what I did, you know what I'm saying, I was super sober and after the show, after we won, I actually tried to get drunk, but I couldn't because I was super tired, but I was drunk, a little bit."

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When Three 6 took home the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2006, "Thank you Jesus," was the first words out of Juicy's mouth. With this said, it's no surprise that giving it up to the big guy in the sky was first on his list of "dos."

"I think they should thank God, man, you know what I'm saying; I don't hear a lot of people thanking God, in their acceptance speeches," he explained. "They be just like, yo, thank this person. You should thank everybody, and thank God as well, you know what I'm saying. It it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even be here."

With a host of gold and platinum singles and albums and a plethora of chart-topping collaborations, the group has a lot to proud of. According to Juicy, however, their win for "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp," tops their list of accomplishments.

"I come from a, you know, just an underground group you know, back in the day, you know what I'm saying; selling tapes out the trunk, you know," he said. "We got a deal, a major label deal, you know, and, you know, we sold a couple records, but I never in my life thought that we would win an Academy Award; I mean that was never on my, you know, my achievement schedule, I would say, you know what I'm saying, so that was like a huge blessing for us."