7 Things To Expect From Ellen DeGeneres At The Oscars

The host of this year's Academy Awards promises to "play" with the audience.

It's anyone's guess which of the various nominees will go home with a fancy gold statuette come Sunday night's Oscars telecast. The competition is hot, and the outcome is unpredictable. But there's one thing we can be pretty sure about: Ellen DeGeneres, in her second stint as host of the Academy Awards, is going to kill us dead.

In a fun, good-natured, Ellen-y way, of course. Here's what we can expect when the daytime diva takes the stage for Hollywood's biggest awards show.

1. There Will Be No B.O.

Ellen has confirmed to at least one


target=_"blank">news outlet that she fully intends to shower and comb her hair before she takes the stage. Aren't you relieved?

2. Social Media Is On The Menu

During her 2007 Oscars hosting gig, Ellen took a photo with Clint Eastwood because she wanted a new Myspace profile pic. Ah, memories.

But as a savvy and modern social media maven, Ellen has updated this year's ceremony accordingly: she'll be live-tweeting throughout the evening.

3. There Will Be Fabulous Costume Changes

The always-dapper Ellen has promised to appear in a series of custom suits by St. Laurent designer Hedi Slimane.

4. There Will Be Fabulous Games

In an interview with the


target=_"blank">Hollywood Reporter, Ellen said she'll "be in the audience a lot and playing with people a lot. It's a lot of playing with people throughout the audience, all throughout the show." Fingers crossed that all this playing will somehow involve George Clooney and a badminton set.

5. There Will Be Dancing, Of Course

Nobody invites Ellen Degeneres onto a stage without expecting her to break out some fleet-footed moves. The only question remaining is whether she'll stick with her signature style, or go contemporary with a nice, solid twerk.

6. The Jokes Will Be Ellen Originals

Though Ellen will no doubt be making use of the Academy Awards writing team, she also confirmed to Jimmy Kimmel that she's been madly working on her own material for the telecast.

7. Ellen Will Shove Judi Dench To The Ground And Steal Her Lunch Money

Just hear us out on this one: After her appearance on

target=_"blank">Jimmy Kimmel's show, Ellen is officially aware of the existence of Oscars-specific gambling, including the part where you can place a bet on whether or not the Best Actress winner will shed some tears. And when Jimmy asked if, in her capacity as host, Ellen might be able to do a little something to sweeten the odds?

Ellen's response was immediate: "Oh, yeah. I can make her cry." Is that a promise? We think so.