Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Animated Feature Film

Will 'Frozen' add an Academy Award to its list of achievements?

What is the Best Animated Feature Film category at the Oscars without a nomination for Pixar? Even though "Monsters University" missed the marked, the category isn't complete chaos, with two frontrunners for the prize.

The race is between Disney's progressive world-wide phenomenon "Frozen" and Mayao Miyazaki's (supposed) final film, "The Wind Rises." Who takes the Oscar home, and who really deserves it? We have our picks below.

Who Will Win: "Frozen"

Come on. Of course "Frozen" is going to win. It made a gajillion dollars. It's totally accessible, and it's got a great message. Plus, there's essentially no controversy around it, unlike "The Wind Rises." Since Pixar didn't deliver a conversation-dominating knockout, Disney Animation filled the void with this great return to form.

Who Should Win: "Frozen"

This is a tough one, but sometimes you've got to go with your heart. Obviously, Miyazaki's contribution to animation is unparalleled, but the cultural impact of "Frozen" is something that should be rewarded. Disney went against some of their worst storytelling tendencies to tell a daring story that has made the studio the most relevant it has been in more than a decade. An Oscar would be more positive reinforcement and hopefully help push Disney to continue to create the kind of compelling and meaningful animated movies that they were known for in the 80s and 90s.