The Worst Thing That Can Happen On An Airplane, According To Liam Neeson

It's probably not what you would guess.

Liam Neeson, star of the new thriller-action movie "Non-Stop," has experienced a (fictional) plane disaster or two in his time. In "Non-Stop," in theaters today, he plays a federal air marshal tasked with keeping an international flight incident free. Things go terribly wrong almost immediately when an anonymous person on the plane begins texting Neeson's character threats that he will kill a passenger every 20 minutes until wired an outrageous sum of money.

In a recent interview with MTV News, however, that wasn't the scenario Neeson brought up when he revealed the worst thing that could happen on an airplane.

"I'm an aisle guy," he said. "There's nothing worse than someone my size being in the window seat and someone falling asleep."

Luckily for the harmony of their press tour in support of the movie, Julianne Moore, who plays a mysterious passenger aboard Neeson's imperiled flight, prefers the window seat.

"That's why we can travel together," she said. "Otherwise it wouldn't work out."

The duo didn't just reveal their seating preferences. Watch the clip above for Moore's tips on how to spot an air marshal at the airport, and the co-stars' tips for nervous fliers to make it through the movie unrattled.

"Non-Stop" hits theaters Friday (February 28).