'Anchorman' No More: Director Confirms Ron Burgundy Retirement

Director Adam McKay and Will Ferrell won't make a third 'Anchorman' movie, despite the success of 'The Legend Continues.'

Here's some saddy sad sads to put into your belly this morning: fabled newsman Ron Burgundy is done. Director Adam McKay has confirmed that there will not be a third "Anchorman" movie, despite the success of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues."

"It's done," the filmmaker said in an interview with Empire. "I think that's it. It was great to do it and it was so fun to work with those guys again, but I think that's it for Ron Burgundy."

OK, calm down...

Come on, Ron, tell them it's going to be okay.

Yeah, that's not helpful.

Listen, it's certainly sad to think about a future that doesn't include a new "Anchorman" movie every year, "Spider-Man" style. But think about it this way: We very nearly missed out on "Anchorman 2" entirely. It took years and years of fan support and persuasion to get executives to back McKay, Will Ferrell and the rest of the News Team's vision for another "Anchorman." We're lucky that we witnessed two legends, let alone one.

Besides, even though the "Anchorman" saga has ended (at least in McKay's mind; who knows what some enterprising parties might cook up in the future), there's a completely new theatrical cut of "The Legend Continues" in theaters today. Even if we never see another pure Burgundy movie, his legend will echo on through eternity.

OK? Does that work? Can we stop freaking out now?


Are you sad about the end of "Anchorman," or are you grateful for the times we shared?