Kid Cudi Wasn't Too Thrilled About His Yeezus Feature

Cudi admits that he wasn't happy about appearing on Kanye's album without notice.

So, whatever happened with Kid Cudi and Kanye West anyway? For a while Cudder seemed to be 'Ye's golden child, collaborating on his albums, G.O.O.D. Friday releases and even Jay Z's Blueprint 3 album, which made it surprising when Mr. Solo Dolo announced his split from G.O.O.D. Music last year. Now it looks like we're finally getting a little more insight.

The Cleveland rapper/producer has said repeatedly that there's no bad blood with his former G.O.O.D. Music family, and there's no doubting that since Big Sean even took to Instagram this week urging fans to buy Cudi's new album Satellite Flight. But in a new interview with Complex, Cudi expressed a bit of frustration with some of Kanye's recent musical decisions.

When asked how he felt about being featured on the Yeezus cut "Guilt Trip," he admitted that he wasn't exactly thrilled about it.

"The vocal that I did on that song was a couple years old. I forgot which session it was, but it was just a reference. I discovered that I was on the song via Twitter," Cudi explained. "I saw kids hitting me up, like, "Are you on 'Guilt Trip!?' or saying 'Great job!' and I'm like, 'What the f--k is everyone talking about?' So I go on Twitter and then I hear the song and I'm like, 'Okay. I know the beat. I know the song.' Then I'm like, 'Oh man, Okay.' Part of me was flattered, like, it's kind of cool that he thought of me."

"Then I started thinking about it more. It was like, Why not call me and have me come in there and give it? Why underuse me? Why put four bars of vocals to coax my fans into thinking this is a legitimate Kid Cudi feature on this song and it isn't?" he continued. "Same deal with the G.O.O.D. Music album, the compilation. Had I not given Kanye "Creepers" my only presence would've been on that one song, that I can't even remember the title for. I would've barely been on that album."

Cudi is referring to the Cruel Summer track "The Morning," and that clearly left a bad taste in his mouth. So that Yeezus "feature" didn't really help.

"It's weird. I don't know how to feel but I would've much rather been off that song. I don't care to be on people's songs like that. Unless it came from a legitimate session where we're all vibing and have an idea."

Guess it was only a matter of time before things came to an end then. Cudi has been heading up his own label, Wicked Awesome, since he left G.O.O.D. Music.