Juicy J Gives Katy Perry A '10' On The Stripper Pole

Katy's 'Dark Horse' collaborator loves what she did in the video.

From his gentleman's club anthem "Bandz a Make Her Dance" to his exotic dancer themed video game, there's no question Juicy J knows a thing or two about strippers. So, when Katy Perry showed off her pole-dancing skills in the pair's new music video for "Dark Horse," we couldn't help but wonder if the founding member of Three 6 Mafia had any creative input in the visual treatment.

While the rapper couldn't take responsibility for the idea, when MTV News caught up with him on the set of "Charlamagne & Friends," he was more than happy to score the pop star's performance on the pole.

"Man, a 10, man, Katy Perry's the best, man, she's a genius, she's a professional at everything she does," Juicy J said. "I didn't know what to expect, like, when I saw the video, like, when it was done, like, all the special effects, I knew it was going to be something great because they had all these big just, like, sculptures and chicks dancing, the pole dancing, and everything was just, it was amazing, man. I had a lot of fun; I wish I could do it again."

And although the music video itself was chock-full of Cheetos, Twinkies, cupcakes and macaroons, Juicy munched on something else while working on the set.

"I ate a lot of Roscoe's [House of Chicken and Waffles], I know that much, they bought me a lot of Roscoe's, man, they took care of me, man," he said. "Thanks, shout out to the crew, you know, it was a great crew."