Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

Race is down to Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong'o... With one dark horse that may upset things.

Probably the most heated, divisive race in this year's Oscars, Best Supporting Actress is the category that all eyes will be on. But unlike previous years where fans (and voters) would turn against one performer or another, this year the big problem is that the nominees are just so frickin' nice.

That said there's only going to be one winner, and we're ready to call exactly who that will be:

Best Supporting Actress

Who Will Win: Jennifer Lawrence

It's nearly unprecedented for an actor as young as Lawrence (23) to win back-to-back awards — last year she took home Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook — but Lawrence is the one to break that trend.

Everyone loves Lawrence, and it doesn't hurt that she's actually pretty great in "American Hustle," in a legitimately supporting role... Something the category has had problems with in the past, confusingly nominating lead actresses in a supporting category. This is Hollywood's chance to crown Lawrence the new Meryl Streep, and they won't pass it up.

Who Should Win: Lupita Nyong'o

Here's what makes this choice so hard: not only is Nyong'o superb in critical favorite "12 Years a Slave," but she's also turned into the lovable toast of Hollywood over the past few weeks. While Lawrence infuses life into a part she could do in her sleep, Nyong'o is quite literally a revelation in her role. She may not be able to stop the Lawrencing of Hollywood, but she's made her mark and will be around for a good long time.

Who's The Most Squibbworthy: June Squibb

Does she wanna play with magic? Boy, she should know what she's fighting for, because "Nebraska" star Squibb is the dark horse of this race. Even when she loses to Lawrence, we'll always know in our hearts that we were ready for, ready for; the perfect Squibb, perfect Squibb.