Diddy's Over-The-Top New Single Proves He Has More Money Than You: Listen

'The only one that's topping Forbes, I'm getting lonely,' Diddy raps on 'Big Homie.'

Nobody talks smack like Diddy. The hip-hop mogul and sometimes rapper just oozes confidence and on his new single called "Big Homie," the Bad Boy CEO takes another opportunity to remind listeners of his greatness.

Rick Ross adds a verse and French Montana pitches in on the ad-libs on the first release from King Comb's upcoming MMM LP.

The ostentatious game spitter runs down his resumé over frantically paced drums, swirling synths, drawing a distinct line in the sand between him and other hip-hop personas. "Diddy go to any hood, big rollie/ Top down on any block, n---as know me/ The only one that's topping Forbes, I'm getting lonely," he brags.

The track is a departure from anything on Combs' moody 2010 release Last Train to Paris and falls more in line with his boastful guest appearances on songs like Future's "Same Damn Time" remix and Waka Flocka Flame's "O Let's Do It."

The flamboyant Harlem representative doesn't only brag about his bank; he shouts out his jewelry and all of the women he's bedded too. Ross follows a similar formula, though he takes a more sinister twist, boasting about his drug mules. "I make my bitches traffic dope, that's my profession/ She swallow dope and looking pregnant, down for C-sections," he spit between layers of his patented grunt.

At 44 and 20 years in businees, no one should be surprised Diddy's still going. After all thought he told you that he won't stop.