See Beyonce And Jay Z's Vacation Photos... And Prepare To Be Super Jealous

Bey shared family photos from their recent trip to Jamaica, further proving that the Carters truly have it made.

It's not like we needed photographic evidence that Beyoncé and hubby Jay Z live a very charmed life, but that's exactly what we're getting.

On Wednesday (February 26), the "Drunk in Love" singer posted her latest collection of family vacation pictures from their stay in Jamaica on her Tumblr page. Each drips with the kind of joie de vivre, grandeur and adorability reserved for only the most royal of families.

You may not be able to trot the globe as much as the Carter clan, but you can at least live vicariously through these photos.

Blue Ivy Is The Luckiest Baby Ever

In one pic, Blue Ivy can be seen from behind, squatting down on a beach with the bluest and calmest waters in the Caribbean. As if that wasn't luxurious enough, she's shown wearing a red, ruffled two-piece bikini and a necklace.

Jay: The King Of The World?

In another shot, Jay is his usual "photoshoot fresh" self, draped in a black Tom Ford tee, leaning back with his arms outstretched as if yelling, "I'm on top of the world, Ma!"

Queen Bey Rules The High Seas...

Bey, of course, is all glammed out on a yacht in a powder blue bikini and sarong with red-tinged sunglasses as she looks out to the horizon. The shot is starkly picturesque with vivid colors and lush hues.

... And The Stage

Draped in a checkerboard-patterned shorts and blouse, Yonce preens for the packed crowd in Manchester and even steps to the front of the stage to shake hands.

Beyhivers should expect more snapshots in the near future as her tour will continue on through Europe, with stops in Ireland and Spain before finishing up in Lisbon, Portugal on March 27.