'The Originals': Klaus Is About To Break His 'Always And Forever' Pact

Family bonds are broken when Rebekah's betrayal comes forth in 'A Long Way Back From Hell.'

The cat's out of the bag and Klaus might very well rip that cat's head off.

In Tuesday's pivotal episode of "The Originals," we learn the unfortunate truth that Rebekah and Marcel have been keeping from big brother Niklaus. The duo, in conspiring to end Klaus's life, was ultimately responsible for summoning the vampire hunter Mikael and running the Original siblings out of New Orleans. Love drives people to do some crazy things.

MTV News caught up with little sister Claire Holt, and it sounds like Klaus and Rebekah's relationship has crossed far beyond the point of reconciliation.

"They were just starting to mend their relationship, and this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back," Holt said. "I feel that it would be very difficult for them to come back from this. I don't know that he would ever be willing to forgive."

Now, Rebekah has spent the better part of a thousand years trapped in a box at her brother's hand, but her blinding innocence and loyalty have always brought her back to Klaus' side. None-the-less, their sibling quarrels have always remained just that.

"Klaus kind of has a double-standard in that sense. He doesn't mind daggering people and sticking them in a box and killing off siblings, but if he feels betrayed or he feels let down, it's a huge issue for him. He's very unwilling to forgive, so I'm not sure that this relationship can be repaired," Holt said.

"This is the biggest issue she's come up against since the season started, and this is going to forever change the outcome of her relationship with her brother and this season. It's really going to impact how we move forward from this," Holt revealed.

Episode 14 ended with a huge shocker, entirely changing the outcome of this season's final episodes. What started as a vampires-versus-witches battle has become an all-out Mikaelson civil war. How will Elijah's bold choice affect the family's future? One thing is for sure, Hayley's baby just became the most important element in restoring the Mikaelson clan.

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