David Ortiz And Sway Team Up For MTV2's 'Off The Bat'

New series will bring you up-close-and-personal with MLB's biggest stars.

Major League Baseball is letting its biggest stars pinch-hit for MTV2 on a brand-new series called "Off The Bat from the MLB Fan Cave."

Hosted by Sway, Fat Joe and "Guy Code" and "Girl Code" stars Chris Distefano and Melanie Iglesias, "Off The Bat" brings fans inside the lives of All-Stars like Robinson Cano, Adam Jones and Craig Kimbrel, 2013 Rookies of the Year Jose Fernandez and Wil Myers, plus reigning World Series MVP David Ortiz, who has signed on as executive producer.

"Off The Bat" will launch in April on MTV2 as a weekly, 30-minute series, and will broadcast from the MLB Fan Cave in New York City ... and while some shows focus on stats, this one is all about the stars (though it would be pretty amazing to hear Fat Joe talk about WAR and BABIP): "Off The Bat" will not only feature MLB players and famous fans — maybe Mac will be there! — but each episode will also spotlight the stars' personalities and passions.

Each episode features on-location segments with players, diving deeper into their off-the-field interests that fans don't normally see, whether it's a tour of their favorite restaurants or a look at their sneaker collection. In short, "Off The Bat" will focus on the sweet-spot where baseball and popular culture meet, presenting the game in a whole new way.

"Off The Bat from the MLB Fan Cave" is set to premiere in April on MTV2. Get ready to play ball.