'Walking Dead': Is Daryl Going To Eat Beth?

Norman Reedus tweets 'Beth so good!' But what does it mean?

If you were already quivering with anticipation over the upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead," here is a tweet from Norman Reedus that will only make matters worse:

This cryptic comment about next week's installment of the AMC zombie drama prompted fans everywhere to run in furious circles around their living rooms, tearing their hair out in clumps, shrieking, "But what does it meeeeeean?!" Or maybe that was just me. But the question remains: What does it meeeeeean? You can share your own theories, but here are mine.

1. Beth is really going places, character development-wise.

When we first met Beth at Hershel's farm, she was a naive, sheltered teenager who turned into a catatonic turnip at the first sign of trouble. But since then, she's become a seriously strong young woman, that blubbery breakdown a couple episodes ago nonwithstanding.

The upcoming installment of "The Walking Dead" has promised to focus on Daryl and Beth exclusively; perhaps this is a long-awaited thumbs-up from the show's steeliest tough guy for Beth's smarts, heart, and survival skills.

2. It's a compliment to actress Emily Kinney.

Admittedly, this is the least likely of our possible explanations; after all, if Norman Reedus wanted to shout out his castmate, he'd probably call her by her actual name and tag her Twitter handle. But hey, maybe he was so overwhelmed by the emotions brought on by Kinney's amazing performance that he sent out this exclamation-laden tweet in a sort of ecstatic fugue state.

3. The good ship "Bethyl" is about to sail, and "Caryl" is totally sunk.

She's a wide-eyed 17-year-old, and he's a poncho-wearing greaseball of indeterminate age, but let's just be honest: Ever since Beth and Daryl ended up on the run together, you've been placing bets on how long it'll take for the two of them to make out.

No, you placed bets. That is your office with the Beth/Daryl Makeout Probability Matrix tacked onto one entire wall. And if "BETH (so good!!!)" means what we think it means, then yes, all your dreams are about to come true... And poor Carol is going to have to weather her heartbreak in a world without ice cream.

4. Bethburgers are on the menu.

Mmmm. BETH. So good!!! As in, so good when she's slow-cooked like a barbecued rib roast and served on a bed of fresh forest greens, om nom nom nom BELCH. Yep, that's right. Either Beth is about to make a delicious dinner for a herd of hungry walkers, or Daryl is about to hit the road with a pack full of human jerky.