9 'Spider-Man' Movies For 9 Years

With Sony's plan to release a new 'Spider-Man' movie every year, we've come up with some suggestions for how to keep the franchise fresh.

Is there such a thing as too much Spider-Man? It looks like we're about to find out.

Speaking about Sony Pictures' future franchise plans, executive Amy Pascal tells Variety that the studio intends to release new "Spider-Man" films "every year."

Every year? Really? Is it really possible to come up with different, worthy Spider-Man movies for every single year? Sony already has "Amazing Spider-Man 3," "Sinister Six" and "Venom" in development, so between those projects and Pascal's comments, it's clear that the studio is doing their best to weave a money-making web.

If Sony insists on releasing a new "Spider-Man" movie every year, we feel equally obligated to offer up some suggestions. Here are our picks for nine different "Spider-Man" movies across nine different years.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 3" (2016)

The Andrew Garfield-starring saga already has a third installment on the calendar, with Marc Webb returning as director. One assumes that the movie will follow the fall-out of "Amazing Spider-Man 2," and possibly even end the current Peter Parker trilogy.

"Sinister Six" (2017)

Already announced by Sony, with Drew Goddard writing and possibly directing, "Sinister Six" is otherwise a wild card. Which villains will it focus on? And who will they fight? Will Spider-Man even appear? If audiences respond to Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin in May's "Amazing Spider-Man 2," perhaps he could lead the charge here. But Doctor Octopus needs a role, too. More on that later.

"Venom" (2018)

Again, this project is already in development. Should it be? That's another question. A movie about one villain is a bit easier to buy than a movie about several, but nevertheless, the stench of "Spider-Man 3" lingers in the air. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci need to find a unique way into the Venom story in order to make this movie worth telling — or else Sony's yearly Spider-Man plan could end right here.

"Ultimate Spider-Man" (2019)

Ideally, this would come before (or instead of) "Sinister Six" and "Venom." But right now, those films seem set in stone. Still, if Sony wants to create an elaborate Spider-Man universe ala the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio can do no better than exploring the literal alternate universe featuring Miles Morales, the adolescent Spider-Man of the Ultimate comics. Miles is a popular and important character for many fans, and he would represent a nice change of pace for the Spider-Man line, while still keeping Spidey front and center.

"Spider-Men" (2020)

To further bolster the "Ultimate Spider-Man" appeal, the next film could feature Morales and Garfield's Parker teaming up, much like they did in Brian Michael Bendis' comic book of the same name. Viewers get two Spider-Men for the price of one, and Sony gets to expand their universe (and two separate brands) in a tangible, meaningful way. Pit them against the Sinister Six, and Sony has its "Avengers."

"Ultimate Spider-Man 2" (2021)

Keep the momentum going. Put Miles Morales back in the saddle for another round of web-slinging action. Assuming the character works for audiences, he could be the new linchpin of the "Spider-Man" films, allowing Garfield's Parker to swing in only when needed for the big pictures, not unlike "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr.'s current "Avengers"-only commitments.

"The Symbiote Six" (2022)

Turn the two villain franchises into one mega mash-up of mayhem. The Sinister Six come into contact with the alien symbiotes responsible for creating Venom, putting them up against Venom himself. End the movie with all of them dead and gone. Go for broke and end these bad ideas for franchises with an explosive finish.

"The Superior Spider-Men" (2023)

Okay, leave one of the Sinister Six alive: Doctor Octopus, his body broken, and his mind and soul inside of Peter Parker, just like Dan Slott's "Superior Spider-Man" comics. Except this time, Spider-Ock's erratic behavior draws the attention of the Ultimate universe's Spider-Man, forcing Miles Morales to take on an old friend turned foe. End it with Peter's self-sacrifice, leaving Miles as the only movie Spider-Man...

"Spider-Man 2099" (2099)

...until the far, far, far future, when people will finally be ready for a new "Spider-Man" movie after years and years of burnout.

Is the world really ready for one "Spider-Man" movie every year? Let us know if you can swing with the idea in the comments below!