Drake Brings Rihanna Onstage In Paris: Watch Their Sexy 'Take Care' Duet

Drizzy brought Rih Rih onstage Tuesday night, fueling rumors that the two are more than friends.

Nothing will be the same now after Drake brought surprise guest Rihanna onstage to perform his 2011 hit, "Take Care," for the Paris leg of Would You Like a Tour? on Tuesday night (February 25).

Dressed in all white, the Bajan bombshell emerged under pirouetting spotlights, singing the words, "If you let me, here's what I'll do/ I'll take care of you," as Drizzy motioned along like a symphony conductor, pointing his microphone towards to crowd to elicit a singalong.

During the breakbeat, the "Worst Behavior" MC coyly made his way to Rih Rih's side, before turning to her to rap his portion of the song, looking her directly in the eyes as if his verse were a serenade. Almost blushing, Rihanna let it soak in, even dipping into her collaborator's personal space, heating up the perceived sexual tension between them to a percolating boil.

For the second hook, Rihanna fronted Drake and gyrated on him as she sang. The audience screamed with approval before Drake slinked off to the side and initiated a dance-off during the song's interlude. Judging by the Parisian throng's response, clearly it was Rihanna's moves that were sexier.

Before she exited stage right, Rihanna also performed "Pour It Up" from her seventh studio LP, Unapologetic.

Long after the harmonizing duet was over, Drake took to Instagram to post a picture of him and his special guest, with the caption "paRIH," which will likely continue to fan the flames that the two are more than friends.