Justin Bieber Is Victim Of 'Misconceptions,' Says Miami Pal Chantel Jeffries

In first interview since Bieber's January 23 arrest, 21-year-old model shuts down rumors that the singer is 'out of control.'

Justin Bieberwasn't the only one to come under fire after his arrest in Miami last month under suspicion of DUI: Chantel Jeffries has also been plagued by what she now calls "misconceptions" in the media.

In her first interview since the January 23 arrest, the 21-year-old model went on "rumor patrol" with E! News on Tuesday (February 25). While police did not immediately identify Jeffries as the passenger when he was pulled over for drag racing, Bieber's friend Khalil later revealed that he let her take the wheel of his rented Lamborghini on the night of the arrest.

Jeffries, who represented by the Wilhelmina modeling agency, answering long-simmering questions about that night in Miami and their trip to Panama.

She was quick to shut down rumors that Justin is addicted to drugs and is "out of control," dismissing the reports as "misconceptions" propagated by the media. When asked if she had ever seen Justin Bieber take drugs, she quickly replied, "No."

She also answered the question on every Belieber's mind: Are they, or aren't they? Or, in the words of E!'s Terrence J, "Have you and Justin ever kissed?"

"We're friends," she said, laughing off the question. "Do you kiss your friends? Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?"

While that answer was a bit ambiguous, Jeffries was straightforward in shutting down reports that she had been arrested multiple times, saying, "I never went to jail. I was never convicted of any crimes."

She also took the time to clarify that she is not hanging out with Justin Bieber for publicity or money, saying that rather than a gold-digger, she's a "goal-digger."

"I have my own goals and I focus on those," said Jeffries, who just launched her own eyebrow line and is also in school. "I'm a strong independent woman."