Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Visual Effects

'We're going to lose to "Gravity," aren't we?' said every other nominee.

Every Oscars ballot needs a "gimme," right? For the 86th Academy Awards, your best bet for a guaranteed picked is Best Visual Effects. It's usually the part of the evening where your favorite blockbuster gets a chance to shine, but 2013 was not any old year.

Last year, the "Hobbits" and superhero movies of the world had the misfortune of coming out within the same 12 months as "Gravity," the awards powerhouse that's one of the two favorites to win Best Picture. It's also the film that was heralded as a huge step forward for special effects. Director Alfonso Cuarón had to wait four years and invent certain techniques in order to even make "Gravity."

Does anyone stand a chance at bringing "Gravity" back down to Earth?

Who Will Win: "Gravity"

To answer my own question: no. No one has a shot at beating "Gravity." It's not often that a Best Picture frontrunner is up for the special effects category, but in this case, one of the two movies vying for the top prize is almost entirely computer animated. Sorry, Bilbo.

Who Should Win: "Gravity"

There's a reason that a win for "Gravity" is guaranteed. It's because there was simply no better use of visual effects this year. Even if you take away all of the innovative techniques Cuarón and his team used, the overall effect of "Gravity" relied more on CGI than the other nominees, and it's the best film of the bunch. This one is already over.