Are Kim And Kanye Planning To Give Baby North Siblings?

Kim K talks babies and a 'smaller' wedding this time around on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

Kim Kardashian has the cute baby, a superstar fiancé and now a wedding in Paris to look forward to. But unlike the elaborate proposal fans saw on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the reality star says her next walk down the aisle will be ... low-key.

Kim called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday (February 25), and talked about her and Kanye's wedding plans.

"As we are going along, we realize we want it to be smaller and more intimate than people are imagining and thinking," Kardashian explained. "And I'm excited; it's exciting."

Not, however, as exciting as divvying up the wedding responsibilities. The E! star admitted that she and Kanye — who just wrapped up the U.S. dates on his Yeezus Tour — are both very involved. But there are certain things that the rapper is completely leaving in Kim's hands.

"Certain things I'm like, 'I know you're going to hate the seating chart, so I'll take care of this,' Kim said. "And then there's some things that are really important to him, [but the] seating chart is like death."

When the couple isn't planning for their upcoming "I do's," they've been busy taking care of their 8-month-old daughter, North.

"She's the sweetest, she's the calmest and all she does is laugh," Kim revealed. "She'll laugh at anything. I'll put my toe right near her and she'll crack up. She's the sweetest, happiest baby I've ever seen."

And although her pregnancy wasn't the easiest, Kardashian said she's "loving being a mom" and plans to expand her family in the future. "I want to have more, but I'm not going the route my mom did. She is crazy," she joked of mom Kris Jenner, who has six children including Kim.

"I don't think I can do more than three — tops," Kim revealed. "That would be my absolute top, top, tops. I even contemplate, should North be an only child? but then I contemplate all the ... fun experiences I had, so I might have to tough it out. ... I was talking to [Kourtney's son,] Mason, about it the other day. He was like, 'Can you make a boy? I need a friend to play with.' And I was like, 'Let me think about that!' "