Justin Bieber Slams 'Sad' Media Over Atlanta Protest Hoax

After a radio station started a fake protest to block him from moving to ATL, Bieber clears a few things up.

Justin Bieber is promising there will be "no more monkey business."

On Monday (February 24) the singer posted a humorous photo of himself leaning up against a gorilla statue, but all kidding aside, Bieber had some things that he wanted to clear up.

Amid rumors that Bieber was leaving Los Angeles behind to reside in Atlanta, a morning show in Atlanta decided to put together a fake neighborhood protest, which many news outlets reported on as factual news story.

Bieber decided to call out the media who fell for the prank saying he was "sad" that the media "doesn't believe in fact checking anymore."

Bieber went on to Tweet that he loves Georgia, but, despite the fact that the posh community of Atlanta's Buckehead neighborhood would welcome Bieber, he "never even looked at that house."

Well with that settled, Bieber shifted his attention back on the thing he does best, his music.

Despite of Bieber's recent legal troubles, he does have something to celebrate this upcoming weekend: his 20th birthday. He's already made his b-day wish.