Miley Cyrus 'Would Rather Choke On My Own Tongue' Than Play Tinkerbell

The singer let loose with a pair of choice tweets about this week's silliest tabloid stories about her life.

Miley Cyrus has few choice words for the tabloid rumormongers.

Last night, the pop star tweeted out a snapshot of a sidebar in Star magazine, which supposedly had the inside scoop on Miley's next career move. Her new, nefarious plan for musical domination, according to the report? Playing Tinkerbell in a live, national broadcast of "Peter Pan," in the same vein as Carrie Underwood's star turn in "The Sound of Music" last month.

Leaving aside the fact that nobody plays Tinkerbell in live productions of Peter Pan — the "character" is a stage effect, not an acting role, as anyone who has ever saved Tink's life by clapping furiously during Act II would know! — Miley's response to the idea of donning a pair of fairy wings was about as subtle as one would expect:

Meanwhile, Star wasn't the only magazine to get a scathing callout from Ms. Cyrus; she also addressed a Life & Style story about her supposed dalliance with Justin Bieber and alleged feud with Selena Gomez, pointing out that the photographic "evidence" supplied by the rag left something to be desired.

Of course, it might be more accurate to say that Miley never reads this [stuff], except when she's about to eviscerate it in epic fashion on the Internet. But whatever, she's hilarious when she's angry.