Mila Kunis Hands 'Ted' Off To New Female Lead

Amanda Seyfried, set to appear in Seth MacFarlane's 'Million Ways to Die in the West,' is the new star of 'Ted 2.'

Mila Kunis and "Ted" are not thunder buddies forever, it seems.

Kunis, who played the love interest opposite Mark Wahlberg in writer-director-star Seth MacFarlane's hard-R teddy bear comedy, will only be returning for the sequel in a reduced role, "if at all," according to Deadline.

Instead, there's a new female lead in the mix: Amanda Seyfried. The "Big Love" and "Les Miserables" star is expected to join Wahlberg and MacFarlane for "Ted 2," though the exact details of her role are unknown. Given Kunis' reduced part in the sequel, the easy expectation is that Seyfried will play Wahlberg's new love interest. But is that a fair assumption to make?

What if it's Ted, not Wahlberg's John, who finds love in the upcoming sequel? If life is all well and good between John and Kunis' Lori, perhaps that's a reason we won't see too much of Kunis' character in "Ted 2." Why not share some of the romantic wealth with the foul-mouthed teddy bear? After his near-death experience at the end of "Ted," lord knows he could use a little love in his life.

For now, it's all speculation until we hear more about MacFarlane's plans for "Ted 2." On the bright side, Deadline notes that the writer-director's decision to cast Seyfried and reduce Kunis' role is a creative one, and not indicative of a rift between MacFarlane and Kunis; they continue to collaborate together on "Family Guy."

Seyfried, meanwhile, is already in the MacFarlane family, with a starring role in the director's Western comedy, "A Million Ways to Die in the West." The movie hits theaters on May 30.

What do you make of Seyfried's casting in the "Ted" sequel? What do you think will happen to Kunis' character?