Find Out Which Songs 'Glee' Will Bring Back In The 100th Episode

Spoiler: Journey will definitely make an appearance.

The fans spoke, and "Glee" listened. For the 100th episode of the Fox show, Gleeks were asked to choose their favorite "Glee" covers to appear in the landmark episode, and Monday (February 24), those jams have finally been revealed.

The campaign to choose the tunes, billed as "Glee 100th Gleeks Choice: You Vote. We Remix," closed at the end of 2013, with fans whittling the list down from 30 tracks to their final picks. Those songs will populate the milestone episode, in which Principal Sue Sylvester finally succeeds in shutting the glee club down once and for all.

They'll also be released as an album titled Glee: The Music Celebrating 100 Episodes in March.

The list, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, features a ton of memorable jams that will be remixed come #100.

For example, remember when Blaine and The Warblers took on Pink's "Raise Your Glass" back in 2011, officially spawning viral sensation Kellen Mirador Sarmiento — a.k.a. "The Mini Warbler"? Well, in the 100th episode, Will Schuester and washed-up glee star April Rhodes will tackle the celebratory jam. We await future memes with bated breath.

And wasn't it awesome back in 2010 when the "Glee" kids busted out a jazz-inspired rendition of Britney Spears' "Toxic"? Well, this time, a similar cast (Brittany, Santana and Quinn) will take on the jam, the style of which has not yet been revealed.

Naturally, the final jams also includes Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," which has been covered multiple times on the show, perhaps most notably by the Cory Monteith, who died last summer. The new iteration will be performed by OG "Glee" stars Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Will, Artie and Tina.

The 100th episode is primed to be a blast from the past in more ways than one, as several original cast members and fan favorites will be returning. The list includes cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce, tough guy Puck, Gwyneth Paltrow as substitute teacher Holly Holliday and more.

"I'm so excited. I can't wait to [see] everyone at work," "Glee" star Lea Michelle told MTV News of the reunion.

"I'm so excited to see Amber [Riley]. I'm so excited to Mark [Salling] and Harry [Shum Jr.] and Dianna [Agron] and Heather [Morris]. I think Kristen Chenoweth is coming back," she added. "I'm trying so hard to get Jonathan Groff to come back for an episode. It's gonna be great... I think the 100th episode is going to be very emotional, obviously, surrounded by the family. It's like we can do anything together."

Michelle also revealed that she hoped the cast wouldn't revisit their "Singing In The Rain"/Rihanna's "Umbrella" mashup come the 100th episode. "I'm like 'Oh my god, please don't make us do that again!' We were so cold, we were freezing," she said.

Well, Lea, your wish came true! No galoshes seem to be in store for the big 1-00.

Check out the full track list below and make sure to tune in to the special two-part episode on March 18 and 25.

1. "Keep Holding On" featuring Mark Salling (Puck)

2. "Valerie" featuring Naya Rivera (Santana) and Morris (Brittany)

3. "Defying Gravity" featuring Lea Michele (Rachel), Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Riley (Mercedes)

4. "Raise Your Glass" featuring Morrison (Will) and Chenoweth (April)

5. "Toxic" featuring Rivera (Santana), Morris (Brittany) and Agron (Quinn)

6. "Happy" featuring Paltrow (Holly), Chenoweth (April), Morrison (Will), Darren Criss (Blaine) and Riley (Mercedes)

7. "Party All the Time" featuring Paltrow (Holly)

8. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" featuring Morrison (Will) and Chenoweth (April)

9. "Loser Like Me" featuring Criss (Blaine), Kevin McHale (Artie), Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina)

10. "Be Okay" featuring Michele (Rachel) and Rivera (Santana)

11. "I Am Changing" featuring Riley (Mercedes) and Colfer (Kurt)

12. "Just Give Me a Reason" featuring Agron (Quinn) and Salling (Puck)

13. "Don't Stop Believin'" featuring Michele (Rachel), Criss (Blaine), Colfer (Kurt), Morrison (Will), McHale (Artie) and Ushkowitz (Tina)