Lorde Tourmate Lo-Fang Hopes She Notices His 'Work Ethic'

The musician shares how he and Lorde are the same.

In mere days, Lo-Fang (a.k.a. Matthew Hemerlein) will head out on tour with 2013's biggest up-and-comer: Lorde. Handpicked by the artist formerly known as Ella Yelich-O'Connor, Lo-Fang is amped to head out on the road with the 17-year-old wunderkind -- in part because the two are, in a way, cut from the same cloth.

"She's awesome. She's totally rad," Lo-Fang told MTV News. "I think there's a real difference between our music, but there's also a similarity in terms of... clearly there's a lot of soul and artistic merit in what she's doing, but it's distilled in a way to speak to a lot of people and that takes persistence as well as talent. Hopefully she heard some of the same work ethic in what it is that I'm doing."

Lo-Fang first caught the attention of the Grammy-winning singer around the end of 2013, when Lorde listed his single "#88" as her #2 song of the year. The jam comes off of the multi-instrumentalist's debut record, Blue Film, which is due out Tuesday on 4AD.

Sardonic and dark — yet possessing of a wry kind of levity not exactly native to the classically trained set — Lo-Fang exists in the same kind of reflective shadowland as Lorde.

You can check out the two in action come March, when they hit the road together