Girls on 'Girls': New Yorker Alyssa Chose Her Email Address Wisely

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There are very few shows that stoke as much conversation as HBO's "Girls" (well, few shows that don't involve naked, antler-wearing corpses, at least). Every week, we turn to real New York women to share their thoughts on the latest episode of "Girls." Even though the show is about the lives of New York women of a certain age, most of the commentary we hear is from, well, not those women.

This week, Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein, a 30-year-old creative living and creating in New York, joins the Girls on "Girls" circle to talk about this week's episode, "Incidentals," the success of friends and drinking wine instead of eating.

Who Are You?

I'm Alyssa. I'm 30, a classically trained singer, published poet, and all-around ambitious, creative creature. Been in the city almost eight years.

Are You A Girl?

I'm a woman, a girl, a honey, a rusalka, I'm maternal — depends on what aspect of my life we're talking about (or what hour). I enjoy being all of them. If I wasn't all of them I'd lose my mind.

Do You Relate to 'Girls' in General?

I do, that's of course why I love watching it so much. I am or have been all of those girls, played around in that carefree but dead serious lifestyle. I've got my s--- more together now, but I definitely still hang out on unfinished rooftops, drink wine instead of eat, tell friends and lovers they're invincible, and decorate with velvet and low light and little wooden animals. I'm also uncompromising, which seems to be a thread for all the girls. Stubbornness.

Are You A Hannah/Marnie/Shosh/Jessa/Charlotte/Carrie/etc?

I know it's a common analogy and that GIRLS might not exist without it, but I don't really see the

"Sex and the City" connection. Besides them both starring ambitious girls and taking place in NYC, they seem completely different. Plus, I couldn't stand "SATC"; it made me want to pull out all my hair. Anyway, I'd say I'm a mix of Hannah and Jessa.

What's Your Baggage?

Little suitcase: I like sleep too much

Medium suitcase: I'm a damn good liar

Big suitcase: Now I just feel like this is "truth or dare."

Share a Sample Chapter Title for Your Mindy Kaling-style Memoir.

How to Have More Projects Than Hours in Your Day

What's a Moment From Sunday's Episode Most Like Something You'd Do?

Tell a friend not to deprecate their talent.

And Something You'd Never Do?

Besides steal money out of a kid's shoebox to buy cocaine?

Marnie's Email Is Did You Have Any Cringe-Worthy Email Addresses?

Oh, AOL. I think mine was something like, but that's not so bad. My

worst handle was probably "theleftbreast" (don't ask, I don't have an answer).

Ray Rented 'Bridget Jones 2' on Netflix. What's Your Most Embarrassing Rental or Stream?

Yikes. Definitely "Once Upon A Time." That show is just horrible.

Which of Your Friends Achieved Their Dream First? Did You Realize It Then?

I have an absurd amount of talented friends, but Nadine Sierra has the freakish talent plus everything else you need to achieve your dreams super early on in life, so it would have to be her. Kind of hard not to realize it, lol.