The 6 Most Surprising Presenters At This Year's Oscars (Say Hello To Zac Efron)

We've got the full list of this year's presenters.

In just under a week, cinephiles everywhere will be glued to their televisions for the 86th annual presentation of the Academy Awards. Hollywood's brightest stars will walk the red carpet and display the Shocked Reaction Faces (™) that they've been practicing all year long, hoping to make the telecast and be immortalized in GIFs. While we won't know who the winners are until Sunday's ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released on Monday (February 24) the full list of people who will tell us who the winners are — the presenters for the 2014 Oscars.

There are certainly surprises amongst this year's crop of presenters. Check out a few of the most surprising presenters, and scroll for the full list of names who'll open the envelopes this year.

Zac Efron

That Awkward Moment when Zefron is doling out acting honors.

Bill Murray

No one will ever believe that Bill Murray gave you an Oscar.

Anna Kendrick

We assume she'll sit on the edge of the stage and do "Cups" with a cup she borrowed from, like, Matthew McConaughey, right? 'Cups'! Do 'Cups,' Anna!

Emma Watson

Hermione's all like "Accio Oscar!"

Michael B. Jordan

MICHAEL JORDAN MICHAEL JORDAN MICHAEL JORDAN! Oh, wait. Michael B. Jordan. That's cool too.

Jason Sudeikis

Please, please, please let him present an award in character as Mitt Romney. Please.

Full List of 2014 Oscar Presenters

»Amy Adams

»Kristen Bell

»Jessica Biel

»Jim Carrey

»Glenn Close

»Bradley Cooper

»Penélope Cruz

»Benedict Cumberbatch

»Viola Davis

»Daniel Day-Lewis

»Robert De Niro

»Zac Efron

»Sally Field

»Harrison Ford

»Jamie Foxx

»Andrew Garfield

»Jennifer Garner

»Whoopi Goldberg

»Joseph Gordon-Levitt

»Anne Hathaway

»Goldie Hawn

»Chris Hemsworth

»Kate Hudson

»Samuel L. Jackson

»Angelina Jolie

»Michael B. Jordan

»Anna Kendrick

»Jennifer Lawrence

»Matthew McConaughey

»Ewan McGregor

»Bill Murray

»Kim Novak

»Tyler Perry

»Brad Pitt

»Sidney Poitier

»Gabourey Sidibe

»Will Smith

»Kevin Spacey

»Jason Sudeikis

»Channing Tatum

»Charlize Theron

»John Travolta

»Christoph Waltz

»Kerry Washington

»Emma Watson

»Naomi Watts

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