'True Detective': 6 Questions We Need Answered Before The End

With only two episodes left, Cohle and Hart have some work to do.

The first-ever tweet from "True Detective" writer and executive producer Nic Pizzolatto mapped out the structure of the anthology's first season.

That means all that's left of the story of Hart and Cohle is the final act.

Now that the detectives have reunited in the present day, it's time to consider what they need to accomplish before the end. There are still many questions that "True Detective" could answer in the next two weeks, but these are the ones that are most pressing.

What Has Cohle Really Been Up To?

He's got to be still investigating, right? He can't just be a crazy burnout, right? That's what I'm hoping at least. The preview for next week's episode gives me more hope than I had at the end of the most recent hour, when Hart felt it was necessary to check his gun before buying his former partner a beer. There are still 10 years that aren't accounted for in the life of Rustin Cohle. He returned to Louisiana in 2010, so that leaves eight years of being off somewhere else entirely. Back in Texas? Undercover again? Researching hair restoration?

Who Is 'Man With The Scars'?

The description of Dora Lange's friend at the rival tent was a clue that was never accounted for when everyone assumed that Reggie Ledoux was the killer. Now that the evidence points to others being involved, the man with the scars must be found.

Is He/She Also The Yellow King?

What Kelly Rita's scream didn't clarify for us was whether the man with the scars, the worst of the bunch that abused her, is the Yellow King. With so much talk around both of these monikers, it would be easy to assume that they are the true monster at the end of the nightmare, but that could turn into another twist, since there is no hard evidence proving that they're one and the same.

Are Hart's Daughters Involved At All?

One aspect of the show that has theorists on the Internet tearing out their hair is Audrey Hart's graphic drawings and the sexual way she positioned her dolls. Many have taken these as signs that she or her sister was at some point also a victim of abuse. If she isn't a victim of the man with the scars or one of his associates, where does all of this adult knowledge come from? Are the girls at school the only ones to blame?

Who Killed Tuttle?

Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle died in 2010, the same year that Rust returned to the state from parts unknown. The detectives questioning Rust and Cohle in 2012 believe it was the work of the former, possibly after he broke into two of Tuttle's houses. Based on Cohle's interview with Tuttle and the collection of devil traps in the Light of the Way school, it's not really a question of whether the governor's cousin was involved, but how involved he was.

Will Hart And Cohle Ever Bring Anyone To Justice?

We're two hours away from knowing the full story of Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart. After episode eight, that's it, for better or worse. The series thus far has put the majority of the focus on the relationship between the two former partners rather than the mystery. With this latest episodes teasing their reunion, will the ultimate resolution be more related to the case or the detectives' own demons?