Justin Bieber Says He 'Can't Be Broken' On First Song Since Arrest

Despite all he's been through, singer assures 'I cannot be broken' over an old-school hip-hop beat.

In the past few months, Justin Bieber has been taken hit after hit — drag racing, assault allegations, and more than a few slaps on the wrist for an alleged $20,000 egg raid — but on a brand-new track, the troubled singer insists he "cannot be broken."

On "Broken," his first song since his legal troubles started escalating in January, Bieber aims his targets at everyone who's doubted him. DJ Tay James originally posted the track, but it has since been removed but is available on YouTube.

"I guess they want a reaction/ I ain't gonna give it to 'em / They're trying to get at me / I aint gonna feed into it," Bieber sings over an old-school style hip-hop beat, before repeating "I cannot be broken" on the song's funk-tinged chorus.

The track features L.A-based rapper Blake Kelly, and if Bieber's Instagram account is any indication, we should expect far more hip-hop collaborations in the future. Days after hitting the studio with T-Pain, Bieber spent some quality time with Diddy, Rick Ross, Jermaine Dupri, Wale and Stalley in Atlanta.

While this is Bieber's first release since being placed under the media's microscope, this isn't the first time Bieber has addressed his legal troubles.

On Friday, Bieber took to Twitter to thank those who believe in him -- and senging another message to those who don't.

"I guess I'm an easy target for some. I'm still human," he wrote. "I will continue to meet hate with love. It's all about the music. Much love."