'The Walking Dead': Will We Find Out What Caused The Zombie Plague?

New guy Eugene may hold the key to the series' end game.

In the history of "The Walking Dead," there hasn't been quite as game-changing a phrase as the one Abraham tells Glenn halfway through "Claimed." Are we about to find out what caused the zombie plague? And what's up with Michonne's kid?

Here are all of your (and our) burning questions from this week's episode:

1. Is Eugene Going To Stop The Zombies? As we find out mid-way through the episode, Abraham and Rosita are taking Eugene to Washington because he's, "a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess." Which is a crazy, game changing statement. We also find out that he's been in touch with other scientists in D.C. up until a few weeks ago, and they're headed there to help stop the zombie plague.

Except... SPOILERS ON If you've read the comics, you know Eugene is lying. He's not a scientist, he can't cure the plague, and he just wanted to be protected so he could survive. He's actually a schoolteacher, and the radio he's using to talk to the Capitol doesn't even have batteries.

EXCEPT. The TV show is already vastly different from the comics, touching on points from the story but ultimately forging its own path. Also, though we're sure AMC would love "Walking Dead" to run forever, a TV show needs an end point. Could Eugene's backstory be changed for the show? Could he, in fact, know how to stop the zombies and restore order to the world?

2. Who Were Those Guys In The House? Rick finds himself in quite the compromising position when a few randos invade his safe house while he's sleeping. We only barely glimpse their faces, but how important are they? Will we meet them again? Our guess is, not that important, but more a device to get Rick and company back on the road. Could be wrong, though: at one time, Daryl was a rando hick hillbilly, too.

3. No Seriously, What Is Terminus? Slowly but surely, our group is converging on the sanctuary called Terminus. Is it truly a safe haven, or just the home of more evil? We're guessing it's a perfect community, and nothing ever goes wrong again. Kidding.

4. Will Glenn Find Maggie? In the real world? No, Abraham is right: if she wasn't dead, without communication even a small stretch of Georgia is too large for them to find each other again. In the world of the show? Yeah, we give it two more episodes.

5. Is That It For Michonne's Kid? There's definitely more to her backstory, particularly as at least one of her dream-guys from two episodes ago was played by "Leverage" star Aldis Hodge. And Michonne telling Carl that, "It happened... After everything happened," isn't really a satisfactory answer. Stay tuned for more heartbreak at the Michonne hotel.

6. How Much Will We Start Saying 'Son Of A D**k!' After This Episode? A whole lot, Abraham. A whole lot.

What did you think of "Claimed?" What was your favorite moment?