'The Walking Dead': All The Biggest Moments On 'Claimed'

'Walking Dead' teases a potentially huge change for the series, and Michonne teases a huge dead baby.

Looks like Carl found his shoe after all, huh? Continuing the fractured focus of the last two episodes, "The Walking Dead" honed in squarely on two non-intersecting groups: Rick, Carl and Michonne; and Glenn and Tara along with newcomers Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.

Here are all the biggest moments on "Claimed:"

The Cure

Let's get this one out of the way, because it's the big one. According to Abraham, "Eugene's a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess." After years of not dealing with the cause of the zombie plague, are we finally getting closer to answers? Since the group heads away from their goal in Washington, D.C., the answer is, no, we're literally getting farther away.

Three Michonnes And A Baby

After teasing that Michonne (Danai Gurira) might have a kid, and then showing us that kid in a dream sequence, we finally get to hear about that kid for real. His name was Andre, he was three years old, and his death, "happened when everything happened."

Also, because you can't reveal a personal truth on this show without an appropriate visual metaphor Michonne found herself staring at a long dead family in a child's bedroom. "Good visual metaphor, dudes," Michonne said. No she didn't.

Rick Grimes: Home Alone

While Michonne and Carl are out combing the hillsides for Krazy Kheese (we're just going to assume its spelled with the letter "K" at the beginning of each word), Rick Grimes falls asleep on the most desirable bed in all of Georgia. It's such a good bed, in fact, that while Rick hides underneath two mostly unseen men battle to the death in order to fall asleep on it.

Rick then does his best Kevin McAllister impression, turning the tables on the intruders and eventually warning off Michonne and Carl when they return. He also kills a man on the toilet, because toilets still work in the post-apocalypse.

Eugene vs. The Truck

Proving that on this show you're either the best or worst shot ever with no in between, Eugene manages to shoot holes through the group's truck while fending off a Walker attack. "Trust me, I'm smarter than you," Eugene tells Abraham. Yeah, but we've seen what happens to smart guys in the world of "The Walking Dead." It's being a good shot, and strength that matters. We put Eugene's odds of survival at: "don't give him any of that pudding, you're wasting your food."

Meet Me In St. Terminus

...And now we have our end goal, or at least place where most of our characters will meet up again. Michonne, Carl and Rick head to the same train tracks Carol and Tyreese hit up last episode, spotting a sign for the "safe" sanctuary of Terminus. Shedding his bandages, Rick heads the group in that direction while Glenn and company head to find Maggie. How long until our favorite zombie survivors have a "Lost" style reunion?

What did you think of "Claimed?" What was your favorite moment?